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Alison Jackson

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Name/Nom : Alison Jackson

Age: 27

Height/Hauteur: 5’6 (167cm)

Hometown/Ville d’attache: Vermilion, Alberta

Current residence/Résidence Actuelle: Split between Vermilion and on the road in our truck and tent!

Education/Éducation: BHK Kinesiology from Trinity Western University

What age did you start cycling?/À quel  âge avez-vous commencé le cyclisme? 19

What inspired you to start riding / racing?/Qu`est-ce qui vous a inspiré pour commencer à faire du vélo / faire compétitions? A young firefighter in my hometown left his bicycle at my farm so I rode it into town to work via gravel roads, that’s when I started riding!  I got into racing because another guy from my community hooked me up with his small triathlete team and took me to the Apple Triathlon in Kelowna!

First bike?/Premier vélo? When I was five my 2 siblings and I learned how to ride on a bike dumpster bike (aka a kids bike found at the dump), we had a couple of dumpster bikes when I was young.  The first road bike that I got and could call my own was a white Specialized Ruby Elite – which I got after a car hit me on a borrowed bright yellow Marinoni!

First cycling club or team?/Premier club Cycliste où équipe cycliste? Phoenix Velo Cycling Club in Mission, BC – they have encouraged me to get into cycling races and pumped me full of skills and confidence and friends

Childhood hero?/Héro d`enfance? Anyone that won an Olympic event

Career highlight to-date?/Fait saillant de votre carrière à ce jour? Racing in the 2015 Road World Championships for TWENTY16 in the TTT and for Canada in the RR – the people I met in Richmond were amazing, the fans were awesome, the course was fun!!, and the racing was hard.  It was very special to me to get to race bikes against the best in the world!

Favourite place to train in Canada?/Lieu préféré pour vous entraîner  au Canada? Abbotsford, BC – Sumas Mountain and Elk Mountain in Chilliwack

Favourite race?/Course favorite? Tour of California

High sock or low?/Chausettes cyclistes courtes où hautes? When I was a triathlete I chose the short sock but now that I am all-in cycling I go with a lenghty 4-5in sock

Favourite food?/Aliment préféré? WAFFLES! (It changes but that is my treat or cookie right now)

Hobbies / pastimes away from cycling?/Loisir où passe-temps autre que le cyclisme? Knitting, camping, farming

Favourite place to travel or race abroad?/Endroit préféré pour voyager où faire pour faires courses? France – Ardeche is a beautiful wild place.  I want to go back and camp there!

Favourite music?/Musique préférée? Country

Favourite tv show or movie?/Émission favorite de télé où film préféré? My husband and I loved the tv show White Collar

Interesting or little-known fact about you?/Un aspect peu connu sur toi qui est intéressant? My family farm raises bison and growing up that was the only type of red meat I ate even now, that’s the red meat I prefer