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Edward Walsh

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Name/Nom: Edward Walsh

Age: 19

Height/Hauteur: 177cm

Hometown/Ville d’attache: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Current residence/Résidence Actuelle: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Education/Éducation: High School

What age did you start cycling?/À quel  âge avez-vous commencé le cyclisme? I started cycling at around 8, but didn’t start racing until I was a junior.

What inspired you to start riding / racing?/Qu`est-ce qui vous a inspiré pour commencer à faire du vélo / faire compétitions? My Dad would be my number one inspiration to start riding, he would tow me behind him on the trailer bike. My Dad represented Canada at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona for cycling.

First bike?/Premier vélo? Giant Mountain bike, color gold.

First cycling club or team?/Premier club Cycliste où équipe cycliste? My first club was Java Blend Racing, a local coffee shop in NS, I didn’t drink coffee at the time, but I would love to get them back on board now!

Childhood hero?/Héro d`enfance? Sadly, Lance Armstrong…..

Career highlight to-date?/Fait saillant de votre carrière à ce jour? Winning the Junior Canadian Road Championships in 2014 was the best so far.

Favourite place to train in Canada?/Lieu préféré pour vous entraîner  au Canada? Hard to go wrong with Nova Scotia, amazing views and rolling hills for days.

Favourite race?/Course favorite? The Green Mountain Stage Race is definitely a favorite.

High sock or low?/Chausettes cyclistes courtes où hautes? Low Socks, keep cyclists looking a little more human.

Favourite food?/Aliment préféré? Home cooked chili, problem is, I’m never home.

Hobbies / pastimes away from cycling?/Loisir où passe-temps autre que le cyclisme? I enjoy wood working and learning trades when I can, But XC skiing is definitely a favorite.

Favourite place to travel or race abroad?/Endroit préféré pour voyager où faire pour faires courses? Belgium and France.

Favourite music?/Musique préférée? Anything but Rap…. And country.

Favourite tv show or movie?/Émission favorite de télé où film préféré? Game of Thrones.

Interesting or little-known fact about you?/Un aspect peu connu sur toi qui est intéressant? I am a lifeguard in Halifax, NS.