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Haley Smith

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Haley Smith

Age: 22

Height/Hauteur: 170cm

Hometown/Ville d’attache: Uxbridge, ON

Current residence/Résidence Actuelle: Victoria, BC

Education/Éducation: BSc Specialization in Kinesiology from Queen’s University (class of 2015)

What age did you start cycling?/À quel  âge avez-vous commencé le cyclisme? 16

What inspired you to start riding / racing?/Qu`est-ce qui vous a inspiré pour commencer à faire du vélo / faire compétitions? My brother and dad took me out initially, and it soon became a love affair of my own. I loved the feeling of the pain in my legs, the adrenaline rush of the speed, and the calming aspects of being in nature all at the same time.

First bike?/Premier vélo? Specialized Era Hardtail, then a Yeti, and I’ve been on Norcos ever since!

First cycling club or team?/Premier club Cycliste où équipe cycliste? Angry Johnny’s Racing

Childhood hero?/Héro d`enfance? Hayley Wickenheiser (I was a hockey player until I was 18, and I still lace ‘em up every now and again)

Career highlight to-date?/Fait saillant de votre carrière à ce jour? It’s a tie, between my first top 10 World Cup in the Czech Republic in 2015 and winning the U23 National Championship in the same year – both incredibly special performances for me.

Favourite place to train in Canada?/Lieu préféré pour vous entraîner  au Canada?  Definitely Victoria, BC. The trails are just so amazing!

Favourite race?/Course favorite? This one is also a tie, between the Canada Cup in Mont Tremblant, QC, and the World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. Such good vibes at both venues!

High sock or low?/Chausettes cyclistes courtes où hautes? High. Definitely high.

Favourite food?/Chausettes cyclistes courtes où hautes? This is impossible to answer! I love food, and I love trying new flavours. Intricate pastas, pizza, and fresh fruits are high on the list.

Hobbies / pastimes away from cycling?/Loisir où passe-temps autre que le cyclisme? I grew up dancing and have always loved to express myself that way. Now, I spend my downtime practicing yoga, playing guitar, cooking and baking, and I (always) have a book on the go.

Favourite place to travel or race abroad?/Endroit préféré pour voyager où faire pour faires courses? I love to experience all the new places in the world, but my favourite so far has got to be in Meribel, France. I would love to have a race in Scotland at some point, though!

Favourite music?/Musique préférée? I have a pretty diverse taste in music. I love folk and acoustic, and you can always find some country on my “recently played” list.

Favourite tv show or movie?/Émission favorite de télé où film préféré? My heart was stolen by Hogwarts long ago, so I’d have to say the entire Harry Potter series. New Girl – starring Zoey Deschanel – is always great for laughs. And, of course, Friends is a timeless classic.

Interesting or little-known fact about you?/Un aspect peu connu sur toi qui est intéressant? Little known facts…. I suppose there are a few! I think the most obscure one is the size and shape of my thumbs: they are two drastically different sizes. Seriously, my hands don’t look they could both belong to the same person!