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Leah Kirchmann

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Name/Nom: Leah Kirchmann

Age: 25

Height/Hauteur: 5’6”

Hometown/Ville d’attache: Winnipeg, MB

Current residence/Résidence Actuelle: Dundas, ON/  Sittard, The Netherlands

Education/Éducation: Bachelor Arts & Sciences – Quest University Canada

What age did you start cycling?/À quel  âge avez-vous commencé le cyclisme? 13

What inspired you to start riding / racing?/Qu`est-ce qui vous a inspiré pour commencer à faire du vélo / faire compétitions? I first picked up cycling as cross training for cross-country skiing. I started mountain biking with the Kids of Mud program in Winnipeg and was hooked after a few races. The combination of physical, technical and tactical challenge is what really drew me into the sport.

First bike?/Premier vélo? I had an awesome little pink bike that my parents let me pick out. I have great memories commuting to school and riding through snowstorms on that bike.

First cycling club or team?/Premier club Cycliste où équipe cycliste? Alter Ego cycling club/Manitoba provincial team

Childhood hero?/Héro d`enfance? Beckie Scott- Canadian XC Ski Olympic gold medalist

Career highlight to-date?/Fait saillant de votre carrière à ce jour? 2014 3rd La Course by Le Tour de France

Favourite place to train in Canada?/Lieu préféré pour vous entraîner  au Canada? Dundas, Ontario wins for road riding, Squamish, BC wins for mountain biking

Favourite race?/Course favorite? Amgen Tour of California

High sock or low?/Chausettes cyclistes courtes où hautes? I don’t like the tan lines, but recently concluded that tall socks are more fashionable

Favourite food?/Aliment préféré? Banana bread

Hobbies / pastimes away from cycling?/Loisir où passe-temps autre que le cyclisme? Cooking, reading, yoga, hiking, xc skiing

Favourite place to travel or race abroad?/Endroit préféré pour voyager où faire pour faires courses? Italy for the food!

Favourite music?/Musique préférée? I like almost everything except country

Favourite tv show or movie?/Émission favorite de télé où film préféré? Game of Thrones

Interesting or little-known fact about you?/Émission favorite de télé où film préféré? I was a dual sport athlete for many years growing up, competing in cross-country season in the winter, and racing road and mountain bikes in the summer. I chose to specialize on the road in 2009.